If your family loves anything and everything cheese, here's an opportunity to live out your cheesiest fantasies and cash in $15,000.

The winning family will be crowned the "Cheesiest Family in America" and will get a chance to take their love of cheese to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa in a seven-day cheese adventure.

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A close view of microwaved macaroni and cheese.
A close view of microwaved macaroni and cheese.

The contest is being organized by AmericInn by Wyndham and the winning family will create social media content for them while trying a traditional Wisconsin-style cheese curds crawl, sampling milk at a dairy farm in Iowa, and finally, you'll get to indulge all the cheesy goodness at the Minnesota State Fair.

The winning family must be able to travel August 23rd - August 30th and be very social media-savvy, they say they prefer active TikTok and Instagram accounts, and parents/guardians must be at least 21+. During the trip, the family will need to document in real-time their adventures with photos and videos.

Portion of Cheddar (detailed close-up shot) on vintage wooden background
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In exchange for creating the content, the family will get seven nights at AmericInn hotels, a $10,000 travel stipend, and $5,000 in cash. They'll also get a suitcase full of swag and more surprises along the way.

Traditional Yellow Cheddar Cheese on a background

If you think your family is ready to take on this cheesy challenge, you'll need to submit an essay or video to creatively explain what makes your family the ideal candidate for the job. They say all entries "will be judged based on originality, creativity, social media savviness, and the family's undeniable love for cheese". You'll have until July 30th to submit your family for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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