Jeanne Sings!
During a morning show discussion about 20-year old cheese a Wisconsin cheese maker is selling for over $200 per pound, Jeanne broke out into song. The song about a "hankerin' for a hunka of cheese" comes from the classic ABC Schoolhouse Rock cartoons.
The Latest Internet Challenge
Ian decided it would be fun to try and start a new video challenge, like the popular cinnamon challenge from a couple of years ago, ladies and gentlemen we double-dog-dare you to try the Cheesiest Challenge.
National Cheese Ball Day is Tomorrow!
I love cheese.  Don't you?  I feel sorry for those who are lactose intolerant and can't indulge tomorrow for NATIONAL CHEESE BALL DAY!  I didn't know it was a nationally recognized holiday.  But thankfully, it is!  Just one more reason to eat your weight in cheese.