Well, this is one interesting crime story. A woman from Grand Meadow, Minnesota is now facing charges after she did something the opposite of cheesy in February. She appeared in court on the charges Monday (September 25th), which is how I came across this story in the first place.

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ABC 6 News reports that a 36-year-old woman got into an altercation with a man, whose name is not known. Apparently, the two were hanging out together in the kitchen when he opened a bag of cheese with a knife.

Was this a bag of shredded cheese? A bag of cheese slices? That information is not known. However, whatever type of cheese it was triggered the woman, who started a fight over this tactic of opening the bag.

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She was so upset, according to reports, that she threw a "large, non-serrated knife" at the man, followed by a chair. The man had to go to the hospital and his nose was broken in the altercation.

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Thankfully, the victim is okay but this story is truly wild. Violence over how he opened a bag of cheese? I am sure there is way more to the story here and much more that happened leading up to the event but either way, there is no denying this is one wild story.

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Grand Meadow is located just about four hours from the Duluth area. The population was just about one-thousand people at the last census. That makes this story even more grating. (Pun intended.)

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