One of the world's largest cheese competitions recently wrapped up, and a Wisconsin cheese maker won for best Parmesan.

America isn't generally known for its Parmesan cheese, but one Wisconsin cheese maker is proving all those assumptions wrong by winning the award for "Best Parmesan" for the third consecutive year.

Where Was The Cheese Championship?

The World Championship Cheese Contest was held in Madison, WI this year and had entries from 25 different countries that included over 3,000 entries of cheese, butter, yogurt, and a variety of other dairy products. The contest resulted in the release of the World's Top 20 Cheeses list, and two Wisconsin cheese makers landed on the list.

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Who in Wisconsin Won for Best Cheese?

For the third year in a row, Cello Artisan Copper Kettle Parmesan made by Lake Country Dairy in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin for Schuman Cheese. Allison Schuman of Schuman Cheese says, "Achieving this prestigious award for the third consecutive year shows how Schuman Cheese is successfully marrying Italian cheese-making traditions with American innovation at our Lake Country Dairy plant."

Henning’s Cheese out of Kiel, Wisconsin also made it to the list of World's Top 20 Cheeses with the best "Traditional Waxed Cheddar, Sharp to Aged". Henning's is a fourth generation cheese company that makes a variety of award-winning cheeses and sources all the milk used in its products within 30-miles of their factory.

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The World Championship Cheese Contest has been hosted in Wisconsin since 1957 by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. All entries are scored by judges that come from all over the world, basically each cheese starts with a score of 100, and points are deducted for flavor, texture, color, etc.

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