This is the most Wisconsin story ever. Ha! A semi carrying over fifty-thousand pounds of cheese crashed in the state last week.

It happened in Milwaukee recently. According to FOX 6 News out of the area, The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office responded to the incident on a Saturday afternoon in late March.

They report that the semi-truck was carrying 55,000 pounds of cheese when it crashed. Yes, you read this right. The good news is that the driver is okay, sustaining only minor injuries. There was no damage to the cargo, a.k.a. the cheese.

There aren't many more details on what caused the crash but with what we know, this is the most ironic story ever considering Wisconsin is the Cheesehead state.

Speaking of ironic - in February of this year, a Minnesota man was arrested on charges of DWI after he drove under the influence to go pick up his friend who was in jail for a DWI. Sigh.

The most ironic story of all has to be from last August, when the hands-free law went into effect across Minnesota. On that very first day, a woman was pulled over for texting her friend about the new law while driving.

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