File this under the most random study ever. A new study by Zippia reveals each state's favorite cheese. Yes, each state's favorite cheese.

The study was done in honor of National Cheese Lover's Day, which went down on Wednesday (January 20th). I am personally upset that I did not know about this ahead of time so I could celebrate accordingly.

Anyway, the study revealed the most loved cheese in every state and according to the findings, it looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin have something in common. Both states prefer swiss cheese over all the others!

Swiss cheese is delicious but it is not my favorite cheese! Mine would probably be white cheddar or Velveeta but I guess I am not in the majority here. I do love all cheese though so I don't mind. Ha!

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Other popular cheese across the country include parmesan, cream cheese and cojita. Just looking at this study makes me mouth water.

Speaking of food, it was recently announced that a new taco spot would be opening in downtown Duluth in the near future. A taqueria will open in late January or early February and as you probably guessed by the name, it will be a taco place! You know what goes well with tacos? Cheese.

So now that you know each state's favorite cheese, you are probably wondering about each state's signature drink. Minnesota's signature drink definitely made me chuckle. Wisconsin's sounds pretty good right about now though! You can see a full list here.

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