I'll be honest, this announcement surprised me, and the Minnesota State Fair may regret the decision to book one of the crudest bands ever.

The Minnesota State Fair line-up is shaping up to be interesting! They've got comedian Nate Bargatze, Kidz Bop Live... and now Mötley Crüe? That's about as far from squeaky-clean pop covers as you can get.

Get ready for a rock show that hasn't been seen in years at the Minnesota State Fair when Mötley Crüe takes the stage on Thursday, August 29th. Tickets for the raucous rock show will go on sale starting at 10 AM on February 16th. Reserved seat tickets will cost either $77, $97, $127 or $207, and tickets to see the show from the Grandstand Party Deck will cost $154.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

This will mark the third time that the Crüe has rocked the Minnesota State Fair, they played in 2005 and with KISS in 2012, and it will most likely be their final performance at the Great Minnesota Get-Together as the band is getting old and may be near the end of touring.

The Minnesota State Fair isn't exactly known for rocking out. It's been a minute since they had a decent hard rock show. I remember that time Ugly Kid Joe opened for Def Leppard in '93 and went totally off the rails with the cursing. I bet that scared off the Fair organizers for over a decade before they dared book Mötley Crüe for the first time in '05.

Mötley Crüe has been on the road during '22 and '23 with Def Leppard selling out stadiums around the world with their co-headlining tour. Original guitarist Mick Mars is no longer with the band, instead, the Crüe is now touring with guitarist John 5, who has previously played with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.

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