The Minnesota State Agricultural Society had their annual meeting on Sunday, and you may be wondering why that's a big deal? Because it's the board that manages the Minnesota State Fair and the admission price.

After several consecutive years of raising the price of admission, the board decided to give the public a break for 2024 and not raise the price of admission. Since 2016 the price to enter the Minnesota State Fair has gone up $1 each year, except 2020 when the fair was cancelled due to COVID. The price for a regular adult ticket in 2016 was $13, last year it was $18, and it will remain that way in 2024. Is $20 per ticket the next step for 2025?

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Tickets for the 2024 Minnesota State Fair are on sale now, the presale tickets are still $15, tickets at the gate for the 2024 Great Minnesota Get-Together will be $18 for ages 13-64, seniors 65+ and kids aged 5-12 will be $16 and kids 4 and under are free.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

State Fair CEO Renee Alexander said in a press release, "In 2024, we are making it a priority to hold ticket prices the same while continuing to invest extensively in exceptional programming, guest experience enhancements, the historic fairgrounds and improvements to our operation."

The board also approved $10.2 million for various projects and improvements around the fairgrounds, including construction of a new ticket office outside the Grandstand, new doors and additional fans in the Horse Barn, more bike racks, installation of water fill stations, improved outdoor lighting and more.

It's worth noting the tickets are the main source of revenue for the Minnesota State Fair, and they are self-supporting and get no government aid. The 2024 Minnesota State Fair starts August 22nd and runs through Labor Day.

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