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Here Are Today's.



  • Scrabble Adds 5,000 New Words

    So if you are an avid scrabble player you're gonna notice some new words added to their dictionary.  My grandfather was unbeatable and would study the dictionary.  He would have gotten a kick out of the new additions.  Merriam-Webster's official Scrabble Player's dictionary has added 5,000 new words.  Some of them include selfie,
    bromance, chillax, frenemy, texter, and vlog.  This will be the first time in over 10 years that words have been added.  Interesting sign of our times. What words would you have added if you could?

  • The Late Late Show Announces New Host

    More change-ups to late night TV.  Craig ferguson of The Late Late Show.  Ferguson announced he was retiring back in April.  Well now his replacement has been announced.  It will be James Corden.  He's a British actor who starred with Keira Knightley in 'Begin Again' and will be starring alongside Johnny Depp in 'Into The Woods'.  To be honest, I recognize his face but I don't really recall him in anything.  Should be interesting how he is received.

  • Robin Thicke May Have Already Moved On

    Robin Thicke was spotted with a new woman on the beach with his son.  This was during when he should have been performing a concert.  Apparently he cancelled the concert because he was having vocal issues.  Many think that Robin Thicke has moved on and this is his new Girlfriend.  However, Robin has gone on record saying she is just the nanny.  Isn't that how it usually starts?

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