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  • Local Restaurant Adds Minimum Wage Fee

    So interesting local story here.  A restaurant down in Stillwater is charging customers a minimum wage fee.  Their idea was this was to offset the increase in minimum wage for tipped employees here in Minnesota.  So of course, some people aren't happy and others feel its justified.  What do you think?

  • Kate Moss Scolds Justin Bieber

    Well apparently the Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom beef didn't end with the throwing of punches.  Rumor has it Justin heard that Kate Moss was at the same birthday party that Justin was.  This is the same party that Justin had his bodyguards block Orlando Bloom from entering.  Justin asked to be introduced to Kate Moss and apparently she chewed him a good one.  One source said she told him he needed to behave and talked to him like a teacher.

  • Petition For Weird Al To Perform At Superbowl

    One man out of Seattle has started a petition for Weird Al Yankovich to perform at Superbowl 49.  That will be the upcoming Superbowl in Arizona in February.  The petition has over 7,5000 signatures saying that Weird Al has entertained both the young and old and would be accepted by the viewers.  Weird Al performing at Superbowl.  I can see it.  Especially with his new album out.  I think he's still trending on Twitter.

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