BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Selfie On Your Toast

    The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has released a new line of toasters.  They use photo's provided by the customer to create personalized toasters.  However, it's not just some picture on the side.  The toaster is designed to burn the image of the picture into the toast.  So if you have a great selfie, you can put it onto your toast every morning.

  • Is Ellen DeGeneres An Angry Drunk?

    There's a rumor going around now that Ellen DeGeneres wife Portia filmed drunken fights the two had.  Apparently she even threatened to expose Ellen as be a control freak and manipulative, which led to Ellen getting angry breaking her cell phone, and reading her emails to ensure the videos weren't sent to anyone.  Now keep in mind it's a rumor.  However, I wouldn't doubt that some of these stars you think are cool are just jerks underneath.  Maybe Ellen is one of them?

  • The Voice Gets New Mentor

    For you fans of The Voice: you know that Gwen Stefani will be one of the teams on the voice this coming season.  She's actually replacing Christina Aguilera.  However, she won't be going it alone.  Gavin Rossdale of the group Bush and Gwen's husband will be joining team Gwen as a mentor.