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Here are today’s.

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    Kendall Jenner Is Less Harry Now

    One Direction fans can Rejoice.  Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have split after only 3 months of allegedly dating.  According to inside sources, both Harry Style and Kendall Jenner decided it was best to go their separate ways and focus on their individual careers.

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    Another Little Guido/Guiddette On The Way

    Jersey Shore fans, Snooki is allegedly pregnant again.  she currently has an 18 month old named Lorenzo but does not want to go public with the news of a second child on the way because it might hurt her upcoming appearances.

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    More Heroes On The Way

    NBC just announced a reboot of their series 'Heroes'.  This one will be called 'Heroes Reborn' and is expected to be airing sometime next year.

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    Lebron James Jammin' Out In Space

    The Looney Toons are going to hit the big screen again in 'Space Jam 2'.  This time though, instead of Michael Jordan starring, it looks like Lebron James will be the basketball star of choice.

    Full Story can be found HERE.

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    US Bottoms Out In 4G Speed

    Turns out your cell phone isn't as fast as you think it is.  The US has the second slowest 4G speeds in the world.  Australia, Italy, and Brazil took the top 3 spots for 4G speeds. While Japan, US, and the Philipphiones took the bottom three spots

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    Miley Kissing A Girl, And Likes It

    Miley Cyrus in the news again.  This time with Katy Perry.  Katy attended one of Miley's shows and in the middle of performing 'Adore You' Miley leaned down and locked lips with Katy.
    Pictures and video can be found HERE.