BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • One Direction Not Being PC

    Couple of guys from One Direction got busted on video.  Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were both caught on video together smoking marijuana and dropping the N-word.  Apparently the two were in Peru at the time.  If you're a celebrity and do decide to do things such as this, why film it?

  • Taylor Swift Cancels Thailand Show

    Taylor Swift was set to perform in Thailand, and ended up cancelling the show.  if you've been following the news, Thailand recently had a military Coup.  Swift's concert was set to be on June 9th but instead decided to not perform due to the recent political situation.

  • Starbucks Serves Beer, Wine, And Burgers

    Starbucks is expanding their menu, at least at one store in L.A. next month.  The coffee chain will be offering croissant burgers, beer, and wine there.  No word on if they will plan on expanding the menu to other states.  I imagine if it does well in L.A. they will start rolling it out to other Starbucks across the country.  Imagine that, Going to Starbucks and grabbing a beer.