The Carlton County Sheriff's Department posted on their Facebook page a service interruption message to residents that several cell towers are down in the area. This could be a hazard of course if someone needed emergency assistance by using their cell phone to call 911. They add that AT&T is recommending cell phone users to turn on their WIFI calling feature.

Internet outages may also happen. If possible, use a landline phone. If your phone relies on the internet you may also experience a disruption in service. Some cable and internet companies offer you a "landline" phone with your cable package, but in many cases this uses the internet connection for calling.


The sheriff's department further mentions in the comment section that they are working with AT&T and Centurylink to try and figure out what happened. Meanwhile, latest repair times offered are possibly on June 11th.

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Some people are speculating in the comments it may have something to do with the high winds today, or perhaps a cut line somewhere. We will update you as we know more from the Carlton County Sheriff's Department.

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