With the Minnesota State Fair being cancelled last year because of the pandemic I am pretty sure we will see record crowds out at the fair this year, and one thing that is a huge motivator for many people, myself included is the food. Like every year some new food vendors will be on site with new foods, 26 to be exact this year, but this on again off again Minnesota resident is not impressed.

Zimmern is considered one of the most influential celebrity chefs around and is probably best known for his shows on the Travel Channel including Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America and others. Zimmern is also known as a big fan of the Minnesota State Fair  and gave his impression of this years new foods.

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According to Bring Me The News: When the new food list was released Zimmern took to Twitter arguing that the State Fair already had a ton of fantastic foods and that he actually was wondering how far some food vendors would go to stand out among the others.

On Zimmern's website he has a complete list of his Minnesota State Fair Food favorites including hey include Fresh French Fries, Sausage by Cynthia, Duke's Poutine, Minneapple Pie, Izzy's Ice Cream, Kiwanis Malts, Gizmo, the Blue Barn, and of course, Sweet Martha's Cookies. I have to say I can't disagree with anything on his list but what about cheese curds for crying out loud? But like they say to each it's own and I know for a fact it is really hard to get a booth at the MN State Fair, the competition is fierce so good luck to all the new vendors including one from the Twin Ports The New Scenic Cafe's Mobile Kitchen called  "Scenic 61".

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