After being cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Great Minnesota Get Together is back on in full force, promising fun of all kinds including the fair staple - FOOD!

As fair organizers do every year, they've announced new food and drink items you can look for at various vendors across the fairgrounds. Each of these items is something of unique nature that the vendors are bringing to the table.

This year, the fair announced 26 new items to put on your radar to check out during your fair visit. Among those new offerings is one from a new vendor that calls the Twin Ports area home!

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New Scenic Cafe's mobile kitchen, cleverly called 'Scenic 61', is making their inaugural appearance at the Minnesota State Fair this year. Perhaps you've already sampled food from Scenic 61 as it makes appearances around the Twin Ports area (here's a local appearance calendar).

They will be offering one of their popular menu items from a location just a little north of the 'Great Big Wheel' Ferris wheel, so you can use that as a landmark to find them.

What are they serving up? A little something they call Sashimi Tuna Tacos. They describe it as crisp wonton shells filled with ahi tuna, avocado and sesame soy. It comes with Thai slaw with peanut dressing, pickled ginger and wasabi served on the side. You can check out what it looks like and details on where to find them in the gallery below.

Here's a full breakdown of each new food item and where you can find them at the fair! Do note that a few items will only be available certain days, so be sure to check that before making plans to try one of those foods!

New Foods For 2021 At The Minnesota State Fair

Fair organizers announced 26 new food and beverage items for this year's Great Minnesota Get Together, spanning from sweet treats to savory snacks and delicious drinks.

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