Chapter Aesthetic Studio was founded in 2005. They're planning a new location to bring a new med spa to the Duluth area.

The studio has locations throughout Iowa, New York, North Dakota, and Minnesota. The new med spa is planning to be in the corner spot of "The Jigsaw" building. It will be located at the corner of West Central Entrance and Anderson Road.

According to their website, Chapter is:

 a leading aesthetic studio providing evidence-based, non-surgical and cosmetic treatments for people who want to live in the “wow".

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You can find the current Minnesota Chapter location in Rochester. Besides Duluth, they are also planning buildings in St. Cloud and Eagan according to The Development Tracker.  Chapter Aesthetic Studio offer a variety of services including:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Body sculpting
  • laser hair removal
  • Injections
  • Hair restoration

The hope is for the studio to open their Duluth location in mid-2023. Here's a video from President & Founder Melissa Rogne and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ben Wood:

“The Jigsaw” building is close to Texas Roadhouse and across the street from Tires Plus and Members Cooperative Credit Union. The building has been in development and has been planned for several years. Like with any new construction, projects and tenants have changed. It looks like it will still be home to an un-disclosed car wash, Duluth’s first Popeye’s location, a future 664 square foot building for a coffee shop and a 3,500 square feet retail building in which Chapter is planning to occupy.



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