Infamous mobster Al Capone apparently had a hideaway in Minnesota that happens to be roughly a little over a one hour drive from Duluth.

There has been many stories over the years speculating how many hideouts Al Capone has had over the years including ones in Minnesota. But hearing that he had one close to Duluth, definitely intrigued me and I had to know more.

Al Capone was also known by the name "Scarface" and a crime boss of the Chicago outfit. As the story goes, his reign came to an end after seven years when he went to prison at the age of 33. Over the years I head stories of him having safehouses throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, but I never heard much about Minnesota. Let's dive into the stories shall we.

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I came across a video from YouTuber Up North Nation that claims he has found Capone's hideaway in northern Minnesota. He won't disclose the location however, due to him needing to use his metal detector and exploring the area himself first. Upon doing some research it looks like the location which now only has two fireplaces and some old rock foundation left is near Silver Bay.

Lucky for me, a good friend of mine is from Silver Bay so I went to him with some questions. He never heard of it before, but he got some answers from his mom and uncle who are also from the area. Rumor has it that locals don't like to disclose the location due to the possibility of large amounts of tourists and/or possible vandalism.

It sounds like it's located in Finland, MN, but still not a lot of detail about it. So of course, I did some more digging. Northern Wilds did an awesome story called "Remembering Finland's Past With Bonnie Tikkanen". Check this out from the story:

Wally once had a riding stable and continued to keep horses. At times he and Bonnie would go riding out to Al Capone’s lodge up what is now known as the Heffelfinger Road. At the time, most of the buildings were still standing, including a main lodge with a fireplace at both ends and a big kitchen with a commercial stove. There was a wooden swimming pool fed with water from a creek that passed through it, a horse barn and cabins; one of which had a big safe beneath the floor. The location was surrounded by high hills, where it was said guards were posted.

You can check out the video below of Capone's hideout in northern Minnesota below which does show two standing fireplaces. Could it possibly be true or is it just a great story to tell?

According to Exploring The North Shore, He also stayed at the Lutsen Resort Fish House. According to the story, Capone requested a more remote location than the lodge and was offered a fish house about two miles away. Turns out the fish house ended up being riddled with bullet holes and the owners demanded an extra $20 from the mobster.

All in all some pretty cool Minnesota stories about the notorious mob boss. If this surprised you, did you know about these celebrities that were born in the land of 10,000 lakes?

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