When Minnesota Vikings Fan Justin Robbins headed out to the mall with his two daughters recently he had no idea that Christian Ponder and his wife would end up doing a kind gesture for his family.

According to WCCO-TV Justin happened to see Christian Ponder at the mall and went up to him telling him to hang in there, offering some words of encouragement. At this point Ponder is not the most loved Viking on the squad right now, but what he and his wife did for this family is a nice story to hear about, with an NFL player for once.

As Christian and Justin began talking, Ponder had found out that Justins wife had died recently in a car accident, and he had brought his two young girls to the mall to get some head bands at their favorite store.

Justin and his daughters later found out that Christian and Sam had told the store to let them get whatever they wanted and they would pick up the tab. What a great guy, good to see someone paying it forward. :)


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