I have never been shy about preaching the utter talent of one Ms. Christina Aguilera, and this video absolutely validates it for all the non believers. It is one thing to sound amazing on a produced track, but singing live shows ones true talent!

Christina Aguilera and an all star cast performed this past weekend to perform and raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. For Christina, growing up in the New York area, this natural disaster literally hit close to home, like so many other artists who grew up and some who still reside there. The pictures and video of people still try to clean up and rebuild are devastating, and hopefully the money will be passed on quickly to those in need.

On a personal note my sister recently moved to lower Manhattan and it was quite the nail biter for me and my family as I tried to get a hold of her. She decided to stay in her apartment and ride out the storm, and thankfully was still with power the next day with no damage done to her building.

Thank you Christina and to all the artists who participated in this event who show that no matter how famous you are,  don't ever forget where you came from.


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