Did you notice anything strange while watching the 'Christmas City of the North' parade tonight? 

For what has to be the first time ever, the commentators of the parade, Michelle Lee, Kevin Jacobsen and Barbara Reyelts announced the parade from the comfort and warmth of a studio in front of a green screen, leaving poor Adam Clark outside all by his lonesome.

What was funny is that they were wearing jackets, as if we didn't notice the few times they referenced "going back outside" or the lack of their breath showing in the cold air. And as a couple of people on Facebook commented, none of the three were wearing hats or gloves.

Come on guys. This is Duluth, this is the "Christmas City of the North," would Santa sit indoors during an elf parade? Does Al Roker sit inside for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade? Of course not, so why are hardy Duluth anchors sitting indoors wearing big winter jackets?

I for one hope this is only a one year experiment, and the trio will be outdoors again next year where they belong in the cold with the rest of Duluth.

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