The largest mall in North America will soon be home to the largest indoor waterpark in the North America. Bring Me The News has revised images of the proposed development and it is unbelievable! The Bloomington City Council approved the zoning and building plans for the 330,000-square-foot water park that would be connected to the megamall by a indoor bridge.

The cost of this massive project is estimated at around $250 million dollars, but the City of Bloomington says the waterpark should be at no cost to local property taxpayers. In case the waterpark does not turn a profit which seems highly doubtful, a 1 percent sales tax will be imposed on accommodation, shopping and recreation at the Mall of America, and 3 percent on food and drinks. But, the City of Bloomington is on the hook for the $55 million required to build the parking ramp and sky bridge connection.

What seems nice about this plan is that the way it is set up you can come from the mall or they have a seperate ramp attached to the waterpark. So, it would make it pretty easy for families to go right to the waterpark if that is what they wanted to do. Of course everything is still in the planning stage no word on when the waterpark will be completed but it is going to be pretty epic when it is done, and of course the beauty of it is you can go there anytime of the year!

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