The City of Duluth applied for and got a grant from the state of Minnesota to encourage census participation.

The $5,000 grant came from the State of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Foundation, the city used it to gather a group of local musicians to sing a song called 'Let it Shine.'

The song is sung in English, Spanish, and Ojibwe and features a music video that was shot and produced by DanSan Creatives, who said, "We set out to make something that makes us all feel okay, and empowered. The process for us made us feel okay, yet we know empowerment in this process doesn't end with the count, it begins there. "

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The City of Duluth is reminding everyone that "there is power in your existence. Be seen, be heard, and be counted by filling out the #2020Census today."

Minnesota is the best states in the country for census response rates, the city of Duluth is currently at a 71.8% response rate, but this video hopes to get that number to 100%.

Currently, the nationwide response rate is at 62.7% with both Minnesota and Wisconsin at the top with 72.1% and 69.4% response rates.

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