Every person - every house - for the 2020 census.  That's the target that the City of Superior is aiming for with the current census project.  They've also set a target date of April 1 to be at 100% compliance.

At their recent meeting, the Superior City Council voted on a resolution to make a complete 2020 census a top priority; Douglas County board members will vote on a similar resolution at their next meeting on March 19.

The effort plays an important role to city and county governments.  Most federal funding packages are calculated based on the numbers derived from each census.  News sources report that "[i]n fiscal year 2015, Wisconsin lost about $1,338 for each person not counted during the 2010 Census, according to the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy".

For 2020, the city aims to count every person in every household - at 100% compliance.  The last census undertaking in Superior wasn't so successful.  Sources relay that only 65% of the people who reside in Superior's North End responded to the 2010 census.  That discrepancy leaves a lot of potential funding off the table.

So what's the next step?  Initial census letters went out to every household this past week.  Once the letter arrives, one of three actions is requested of each recipient:  respond online, by phone, or by mail.

For more information about the 2020 census, click here.

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