The United States Census 2020 has a tool that allows you to track the percentage of responses by state and city, Minnesota leads the nation right now.

As of June 17th, the national percentage of self-response is 61.5%, Minnesota is 71.1% and Duluth is 70.8%, and Hermantown is at 80.5%, way to go!

Wisconsin isn't doing that bad either, the state is currently sitting at a 68.5% self-response and the City of Superior is at 77.4%.

The state with the worst self-response is Alaska with only 47.1% of its population responding at this point and New Mexico is much better with only 50.1% self-response.

Peurto Rico isn't a state, but they participate in the Census, and their rate is at only 20%.

100% of the population is required by law to respond to the census and it's easy to do if you have internet access, you can go here and fill it out right now.

The official census website lays out reasons why it's important including where billions of federal money go each year, and how many seats in Congress each state receives.

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