It's no secret that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has a no-nonsense attitude. Combine that with kicker frustrations through almost his entire tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, and you get this comment.

When asked by the media today if cutting the 2018 5th round draft pick kicker was an easy decision, Zimmer responded "Did you see the game? Yep, very easy."

Following some missteps in the preseason, the 0-for-3 day at Lambeau put the final nail in the coffin for the rookie. As you likely know by now, the Vikings waived Carlson Monday and are bringing in former Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey, who will suit up for Minnesota this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

Since Zimmer joined the Vikings, kicker troubles have tormented the team. You could argue things could trace back '98 and the curse of Gary Anderson, but we'll focus on the Zimmer years. Blair Walsh notoriously wrecked some games for the Vikings, and Kai Forbath, though more reliable, also had some struggles with the team. Carlson brought promise as a young, strong leg; but ultimately lost that opportunity as patience ran out with the coaching staff and management. Will Bailey be the kicking savior for the Vikings? He is one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history, he's young (only 30), and despite a groin injury the Cowboys said hampered some of his accuracy, he has been a wanted kicker through the offseason and into the early parts of the 2018 season.

Here's to Bailey showing his old form, and eliminating a long-standing question mark for this otherwise pretty solid team.

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