Every parent hopes that their children  get a good education, and If that child chooses to pursue more schooling after High School, we all know that comes with a big price tag.

We are not at that point yet with our kids about going off to College, but we have explained to them that school of any kind is not cheap and be prepared to take out a loan or two. Of course we will help with what we can, but like the old saying goes you can't get blood from a turnip.

According to a new survey Minnesota falls into 4'th place of highest debt carried by graduating students. I was lucky in that I did not need to take out any student loans for my schooling, but I had many friends that were not so lucky. This is incredibly stressful for these young former students and parents as well.

My hope is that they are lucky enough to find a job in their field upon graduation, so they can start paying back this immediate debt.

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