The one-of-a-kind house is the most expensive house for sale in the state of Minnesota, known as the Windermere Estate this house is one you have to see to believe.

The home has everything a $15 million home should, a sauna, an indoor grotto, an outdoor pool, an elevator, a gym, a movie theater, and much more. The home is on Lake Minnetonka and is owned by Kam Talebi, the CEO of Kaskaid Hospitality, which owns several restaurants, does catering, and has event space.

UPDATED 1/24/2022

Well, it looks like there weren't any takers for this house at $15 million, so the price was just lowered to $10,995,000. Even at that price, this extravagant home is still the most expensive home for sale in Minnesota by over $3 million.

This $15 Million Minnesota Home Looks Like No Home You've Ever Seen

This house looks like a set from the hit movie 'Scarface', I'm not joking, from the elevator in the house to the gold colored hot tub, this house looks like no other home in Minnesota.

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