The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking people to let their lawns stay covered in leaves this Fall, which to many would be a welcome change. Depending on where you live some of your neighbors might frown upon your unkempt lawn covered in dead leaves, but if they complain tell them you have a good explanation.

Nature Conservancy spokesperson Jessica Panetta said: "leaving fallen leaves in your yard is a small helpful act that can support backyard biodiversity. Leaf piles help native insects, including pollinators, and other backyard wildlife hibernate through the winter. It can create a habitat for insects who, just like us, are trying to tough out the winter.”

For people who are worried about the grass dying underneath the leaves she suggests that you rake you front yard and leave the back peppered with leaves. If you have a really large amount of leaves she also suggests that you place the piles of leaves around tree roots and in flower beds instead of throwing them out.

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