When I gas up the motorcycles, I try my best to run non-oxy premium fuel as that doesn't contain ethanol.  Depending on the region or area you're in, finding that isn't always the easiest.  Will the bikes run on regular 87 octane gasoline?  Yes, they just aren't usually very happy about it.

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I'm not usually the type to fuel up a motorcycle at a place like Costco, because on a trip that doesn't make for a good convenience store stop.  Also, I stayed away from places like that and Sam's Club for years for fueling up because I would sometimes run into them not having premium.

On a recent trip to the Brainerd Lakes Area, I rode the bike and followed my Wife who was driving the car.  While we were leaving the area she pulled into a Costco to fill-up and I followed.  It was nice to see they had what appeared to be pretty good premium fuel even if not non-oxygenated.

What I forgot was that Cosco has those "drip less" dispensing nozzles.  These types of nozzles are supposed to be safer and also better for the environment.  I haven't had any issues with these while filling up my truck, but the motorcycle was a different story.

Motorcycle at Costco- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Motorcycle at Costco- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The Costco nozzle spouts only dispense fuel when the boot is secure to the vehicle filling port.  On my Street Glide, the fill port didn't like the nozzle.  After some wiggling and me unnecessarily cussing about how long it was taking and gas not pumping, it finally seated enough and pumped.  Great, right?

Kind of, except it didn't actually fill the tank.  It's difficult to completely fill motorcycle tanks anyway but I left Costco with a smidgen over 3/4 of a tank because it won't pump with the nozzle backed off.  Kind of a bummer, and just something to keep in mind if you decide to fuel up a motorcycle at any Costco locations.

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