The Greater Downtown Council sent out a press release to give updates on the Superior Street Construction and also the work being done on Mesaba Avenue. A lot of progress has been made over the last few months with much needed work being done, but motorists and pedestrians alike need to continue to be cautious and pay attention for the safety of everyone.

Here is what to expect this week August 13th-17th on Superior Street in Downtown Duluth:

  • Access to all businesses and residences remain open
  • Hot water lines will be installed from the 4th Avenue intersection to the north on 4th Avenue W. and to the east on Superior Street toward 3rd Avenue W.
  • Installation will begin on curbs and gutters between 4th Avenue W. and 5th Avenue W.
  • Some hot water connections have already been made to a number of buildings in the area.
  • The alley will remain accessible from 5th Avenue West and 3rd Avenue West, but through traffic on to 4th Avenue West will not be allowed.

* The clean and safe team which are wearing bright yellow shirts are a great resource to ask for directions during construction. You can find them in the skywalks and on the sidewalks. With this warm weather we have been having, these men and women have been working hard to get these projects finished and one of them is having fun in the process.


Make sure to wave or honk at #dancingLafrado at 5th Avenue West and Superior Street!

Construction Updates on Mesaba Avenue:

  • Starting at 7:00 pm on Friday, August 17th, thru 5:00 am Monday the 20th, the majority of the intersection of Central Entrance, Mesaba Ave, 6th Ave, and Rice Lake Road will be closed. Detour signs and routes will be in-place. The following weekend, a similar closure will occur to complete the remaining work in the intersection.
  • By doing the work over 2 weekends this will speed up the process of work being done in that area.
  • The bridge reconstruction on West Superior Street is scheduled to be opened to traffic by September 28th.

For more information on the Superior Street Reconstruction Project Click Here


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