As most people know, the 80 foot five story high Enger Tower is a well known land mark of Duluth. Could the old landmark actually be haunted?

With the news of the Haunted Ship not being able to be available this year, I wanted to see what other haunted things I could dig up in Duluth and came across a few stories of the iconic Duluth landmark.

Enger Tower was  first dedicated by Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Märtha of Norway on June 15, 1939. It was built as a tribute to business man and Bert Enger, who passed away in 1931. The tower can be seen almost anywhere throughout the city and has since been restored, but could it also be haunted?

Rumor has it, that in 1948 a man committed suicide by jumping off the top floor of the tower. They say his body has found hours later but was never identified. I have not found any information or obituaries of someone committing suicide at Enger in 1948, but this story has circulated on numerous websites.

According to the website Haunted Places, there are stories of visitors seeing a man on the 5th level of the tower before entering, but when they reach the top, he's gone. I have been here numerous times throughout my life and have never seen anything out of the ordinary. It is weird that numerous websites claim this place is haunted though. Next time I'm there, I'll look for the mysterious man.


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