I have seen this "Hot Mess" invention before and it honestly blows my mind that for one this is a real thing and two that people would actually wear these? This is an actual company called Red Neck Boot Sandals and these custom made boots cost around $150.

I wondered if something like this would fly around here? We have lots of people that like to camp and enjoy the outdoors so maybe these would work? Some of your foot and legs are protected from bugs and trees and bushes but your toes are awfully vulnerable. They would be great for walking on the hot sand on Park Point, or cheering from the stands at Grandmas Marathon. How about Movies in the Park or the Bonfire Concerts at Glensheen? Or how about taking the boat out fishing? The possibilities are endless.

I really think where these would really shine would be at some type of music festivals, especially a 3 day country concert! You would fit right in with the cowboy theme, but also have the opened toed look and stay cool. I think this look with shorts really exaggerates the craziness of this foot wear, but maybe with some cut off jean shorts that would work pretty well. Summers are so short in the Twin Ports ,so if you really want to stand out in the crowd, these boot sandals may be just what you need.


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