Cathy Kates from our sister station B105 had a friend that was enjoying a hike at Jay Cooke State Park, when they discovered something pretty creepy. Cathy's friend and her daughter-in-law found themselves in the park's campground as part of their hike. While in the campground, they noticed something on a picnic table that caught them both off guard.

On the table was a baby doll (seen below) that wasn't just any baby. If you look closely at the face, you'll see a pair of demonic eyes and fangs that would catch anyone by surprise. Both the woman and her daughter-in-law said they were "freaked out" by what they saw, but went to snap a couple pictures and noticed some campers at a nearby campsite. They asked the nearby campers about the baby, and they said they had no idea where it came from, but that they were creeped out by the doll's presence.

This is obviously someone's attempt to play a prank on visitors to the park, and for all we know, there was a hidden camera nearby capturing reactions of passersby. Regardless, it's definitely a strange thing to see, especially at a state park during the beginning of the park's slower season. What would you have done if you saw this while visiting the park?

Photo Credit: Lori Bandelin & Brianna Laveau
Photo Credit: Lori Bandelin & Brianna Laveau

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