A dad is refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day because he's upset her relationship is allegedly the product of an affair — with a man the woman's sister was seeing, no less.

On Reddit, the frustrated father shared he's still reeling from finding out the groom-to-be secretly dated two of his daughters.

"One of my daughters dated a man for over a year before she found out he and my other daughter were together. Of course no one in our family was impressed with this and I've made it clear I don't support that relationship, because of what they did to my other daughter. They both distanced themselves a bit from us after that," the father-of-three wrote in a since-deleted Reddit post, according to The Mirror.

The alleged affair took place over the course of five years. The jilted daughter eventually got married to another man, with whom she now has a child. The other daughter and the man involved in the affair are still together, and even recently got engaged.

"I told all three of my girls previously if they get married, I'll contribute xyz amount to their weddings. I did so for the daughter with a kid and they covered the rest," the dad continued.

However, the relationship stemming from the affair has left the dad rethinking his involvement in the ceremony.

"They are still together and engaged. I've offered the same xyz amount to their wedding, but that's the extent of my involvement. I won't be walking her down the aisle. She is upset, saying that we're belittling their long term relationship and I'm holding something that happened years ago over her head," he continued.

The dad is sticking to his word though, refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle as he just can't accept her relationship.

In the comments section, users were divided over the man's firm stance.

"She is facing the long term consequences of her own actions. Her actions affected everyone, not just her sister," one person wrote.

"She knew what she was doing when she had an affair with her sister’s boyfriend. She made her choice. Despite her actions, you’re upholding your promise from years ago, to provide x amount of funding to the wedding. But you are not required to walk her down the aisle," another commented.

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