Netflix’s investment paid off. The streaming network announced that Dave Chappelle’s two 60-minute comedy shows were the most-viewed specials in the streaming network’s history.

Although Netflix didn’t reveal any ratings data to back up their claim, they boasted about it in a letter to shareholders, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The triumphant return of a comedy legend in Dave Chappelle: Collection 1 was our most viewed comedy special ever,” the company stated in the missive.

Earlier this year, Netflix paid Chappelle $60 million for the specials and one more show that has not been released. The network plans on bringing more comedy programs to their platform. Fellow funnyman Chris Rock reportedly was paid $40 million for two upcoming specials after a heated bidding war with Rock’s longtime home and cable rival HBO.

In addition, Marvel’s Iron Fist series, which also debuted in March to lukewarm reviews, was the most “highly viewed” program during the first quarter. Currently, Netflix has an estimated 98.8 million subscribers on their network.

Meanwhile, Chappelle is currently mourning the loss of his good friend, Charlie Murphy, who passed away after a bout with Leukemia. Last week, the veteran comedian paid tribute to him during a John Mayer concert in Ohio.

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