Claws out and paws up, pop people. It’s Gaga vs. Guetta.

French uber DJ David Guetta, who enjoyed a massive hit with Usher thanks to ‘Without You,’ is getting a little big for his britches and has thrown a diss at Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way.’ What, is Guetta firmly playing for Team Madonna? Nah, it sounds like this might be a case of sour grapes. Guetta described the album as “very disappointing,” adding that it’d have been better if he worked on it, which was almost the case. #CallTheWahmabulance.

Oh, we see what he means. Guetta has the Midas touch, huh? Well, we can’t deny that ‘Without You’ was an addictively good pop song, but that doesn’t mean he can trash Gaga’s watershed record to elevate his own ego. However, we’re just glad he didn’t call the record “reductive.”

Guetta shared that he met with the Mother Monster in 2009 and they discussed a collabo, but it never materialized. He regrets that missed connection, since he feels that his efforts would have markedly improved ‘Born This Way.’

“Yeah, because I think we could have done something amazing on her last record, ‘Born This Way,’” Guetta said (quotes courtesy of NME.) “And her last record was to me very disappointing. She’s an amazing artist, and she deserves to be always looking ahead, like she did with her first album.”

Guetta qualified his statements — actually, we call it backpedalling — saying, “But actually I know for a fact — because I know who she’s working with now — that the next album is going to be absolutely crazy. He’s someone really good, a young kid.”

You know, something tells us these statements aren’t going to have Gaga rushing to hire Guetta to work on ‘ARTPOP.’

Okay, PopCrushers, where are you lining up? Team Gaga or Team Guetta?

Watch the Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Video

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