David Guetta, fresh off his win as Top EDM Artist at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, shows us why he is the best in the business with his remix of Empire of the Sun's 'Alive.'

The original boasts falsetto vocals and synths, but Guetta takes it up a notch with some serious twiddles of his knobs. The song is instantly elevated to a club banger with plenty of trance elements.

Hey, what's the point of a remix such as this if the song isn't transformed somewhat? Guetta's version is louder, bolder and much, much clubbier, whereas the original has a dreamier element.

The remix will appear on the 'Alive Remixes' EP, out May 28.

Meanwhile, Empire of the Sun's 'Ice on the Dune' drops June 18.

Turns out the EotS fans are not feeling this remix, deeming it commercialized by mainstream EDMer Guetta. So yeah, they pretty much hate it, going as far as to suggest that he ruined the song. That's a little harsh, but...

...haters gonna hate. Nothing any of us can do about that. EDM purists like what they like.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will just dance. Decide for yourself if you dig or despise what D. Guetta did with 'Alive.'

Listen to Empire of the Sun 'Alive' (David Guetta Remix)

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