Get ready — David Guetta‘s ‘The Alphabeat’ video is coming. The successful dance performer has released a short teaser with a few shots from the video.

While Guetta is shown on stage in some shots, ‘The Alphabeat’ looks like it’s going to be more than just a simple performance video. At 16 seconds, the clip is way too short to give us any idea of the plot, so we’re left to try to decipher the seemingly unconnected images. There’s a girl crowd-surfing in a raft, kids jumping rope outside at night, and a lone man staring at the camera as an elevator closes in front of him. Guetta’s wife Cathy also makes an appearance.

At the end, text informs the viewer that the full-length video is coming soon. ‘The Alphabeat’ is an instrumental track that appears on the bonus electronic disc of his latest album, ‘Nothing But the Beat.’ Since this is a rare Guetta song without a featured artist, we’ll be curious to see how he handles having the video all to himself.

Guetta’s last video, for the Nicki Minaj collaboration ‘Turn Me On,’ was an eerie masterpiece, so he has his work cut for him to match that level of creativity.

Watch the David Guetta ‘The Alphabeat’ Teaser

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