For anyone who has had their baggage lost or destroyed when going on a trip it is an awful and often helpless feeling.

With all the traveling I have done in my life, I have been lucky that my bag only got lost 1x and I did get it two days later.  It was a huge drag though because I was flying out to New York to see my sister in the winter time, so I had to buy extra clothes because I had no idea how long my bag would be lost .

A friend of mine also had her bag demolished on our way to Florida. I mean her bag looked like it went through one of the engines it was so shredded. She was reimbursed weeks after we returned home, but she had to buy some more clothes and luggage for the trip.

Delta Airlines has announced that they are the first Airline to add this feature to their existing App so you can track your checked on bag. It will be rolling out in 84 airports and some International Airports in the coming months.

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