This is interesting: a digital speed limit sign was stolen off a road in Iron River.

The Iron River Police Department shared the story on their social media pages Monday (March 4th) in hopes of finding out more information regarding the crime.

According to their post, the incident happened over the weekend near Moon Lake Park. It was located near the edge of Highway H near the residential district of Iron River.

The pole was cut in an effort to steal the sign, which was purchased with donations from the community. It was there to make the area safer for those using the park area.

The Iron River Police Department is now asking for the public's help in locating it. If you have any information regarding the crime, you are asked to contact the department at 715-372-4285.

I am not sure why someone would do this in the first place but also, who needs a digital speed limit sign? Hopefully whoever did this is caught and the sign replaced, especially because it is meant to keep a specific part of the town safe.

There has been some very odd crime stories to come out of COVID-19. One of the strangest stories to come out recently involves a Minnesota man who driving down a road in Minneapolis. He had his window rolled down and a car pulled up next to him and threw a Chipotle burrito bowl in his face. Sigh.
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