When President Obama and Mitt Romney take the stage tomorrow in Denver for their first debate, watch their eyes, and how many times they blink--it could be a predictor as to who will win the Presidential Election.

Boston College psycho-physiologist Joseph Tecce has spent decades studying the body language of presidential hopefuls.  According to his research, the candidate who blinks more during debates has lost every election but one since 1980.  Which one?  The 2000 Presidential election when a faster-blinking George W. Bush beat Al Gore in the election… but technically lost the popular vote.

During the 2008 general election Barack  Obama blinked 62 times per minute and ended up beating John McCain who clocked in at 104 blinks per minute.  Sound more like an eye flutter than a blink--but I'm not the blinking expert.

So tomorrow night as you're watching the debate, watch the eyes.  Just don't make a drinking game out of the blinks.  You'd have to call in hungover to work the next day.