This year we are not putting up a Christmas tree or decorations around the house, and in a way I feel like my neighbors will wonder what is wrong with us?

We live in a great little neighborhood, where everyone takes immaculate care of their homes and lawns, and this time of year it is like a winter wonderland, then you see our house. We do not have any outlets on the outside, so even If I wanted to put stuff outside we have no power to do so.

As far as all our decorations on the inside of the house, we did some remodeling this past year, and more importantly got a kitten who loves to get into everything. If we did put up a tree it would be knocked down and a mess in seconds. Plus just other little decorations would be trashed too.

Our kids are teenagers so it is not as big a deal to them, as when they were younger, but we for sure will still have stockings and find somewhere for Santa to drop off the presents :) Is it weird that I worry that our neighbors will think we are not in the Holiday spirit? We are lucky that they are all very nice, so even if they did think I was being a scrooge they would not tell me to my face.

So I guess it boils down to what your situation is, for some they like to have the house seen from outer space like "Christmas Vacation" and for some this is just not the year to drag everything out. But, we still will have the holiday spirit with friends and family, and that is all that really matters.



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