This very popular dance song came out in 1992, but the version you're most familiar with is the remixed version released in 1996 with English lyrics. While it's a fun-sounding dance song; now that I've looked at the lyrics, the Macarena doesn't seem as 'feel good' anymore.

Los Del Rio's only number one hit stayed at number one for 14 weeks! I'm going to be honest, I never really paid attention to the lyrics and just thought it was some silly dance song. Turns out there's an actual meaning behind it all. Check out the rough translation below.

Then if you listen to the English version written by the Bayside Boys, which still stays within the same concept, you find out Macarena is a girl and likes to sleep around. Regardless of the meaning, the song was still a worldwide hit. Check out the video put together by Distractify above where 90's kids (who look a little older than actual 90's kids) find out the true meaning behind the dance.

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