Trampolines are a lot of fun especially for kids, but some adults too. We all know they can be dangerous, but were you aware of just how dangerous they really are?

According to Reuters Health they are extremely dangerous and pediatricians are putting out a warning to parents. Apparently over 100,000 injuries a year are reported at Emergency Rooms across the country directly related to trampoline injuries!

As a parent that is an alarming statistic, but I guess in retrospect it should not be all that surprising. Watch any reality clip show on t.v. and you will be inundated with people falling off of them or landing wrong and the danger factor becomes very clear .

Our neighbors have a trampoline that are kids play on pretty much all summer. It does have a safety net around it, but still when you have a bunch of kids jumping on it at the same time accidents can happen.

So, the next time your kids are begging for a trampoline for the yard you may want to think twice about making that purchase.