We never got a sequel to Dodgeball, the 2004 underdog sports comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller as opponents in an epic dodgeball tournament. The last update on a possible 2 Dodge 2 Ball came four years ago, when screenwriter Clay Tarver was reportedly tapped to write a screenplay for a potential follow-up. Four years later, we still have nothing to show for his efforts.

But now there’s this video for the charity fundraising site Omaze. Hoping to raise money for his foundation, Stiller donned his old spandex, headband, and handlebar mustache and slipped back into the role of White Goodman (which, let’s all admit, is one of the all-time greatest character names), obnoxious fitness guru and leader of the Globo Gym dodgeball team. And who shows up to challenge him for dodgeball supremacy? None other than Vaughn and the members of his Average Joes dodgeball team, Justin Long and Christine Taylor.

The winner of the contest gets to “dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge with Ben Stiller and his friends (spandex not guaranteed)” in a game of dodgeball, along with celebratory post-game pizza. Even if you don’t win, perks include Globo Gym sweatbands and shirts, and even a signed copy of the hilarious art print that hung on the wall of White Goodman’s office in the film, signed by Stiller. There was an original White Goodman costume from the movie up for grabs too, but it’s already sold out.

I always enjoyed Dodgeball, and I appreciate the care put into this video. (The “once in your pathetic lifetime experience” line is a lovely turn of phrase.) And it’s all for a good cause, so click here to donate and enter. It’s what Fran Stalinovskovichdaviddivichski would want.

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