If you own a dog and live in an apartment or a house, a dog park is a great place to let your buddy run,  play and socialize with other dogs.

I finally brought our dog their yesterday afternoon and she had a blast. But I must say she , and myself for that matter were a little nervous upon arrival.

Our dog Lucy is only 12 pounds and a majority of the dogs were much bigger than her. The park is one giant fenced in area, and does not have a separate section for smaller dogs.

I felt more comfortable once we got into the actual park as many of the dog owners greeted me and were very attentive with their bigger dogs. Lucy took a while to leave my side, and I did follow her around as she sniffed and explored.  Even though we live in a house, we do not have a fenced in yard so, it was a real treat for her to be able to walk and run with out a leash!

I will definitely bring her again, I feel it is imperative for her to socialize with other dogs. As with any animal they can be unpredictable, so I would recommend keeping an eye on your dog at all times and other dog's around them. For the most part I am assuming that most owners would not bring a dog  that was aggressive, but animals do have a mind of their own.


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