With our region seeing dangerous cold that could break some records this week, President Donald Trump acknowledged the weather with a tweet on Monday evening. In the tweet (below), Trump acknowledged that it will be dangerously cold, with wind chill values that could reach -60 before the end of the week.

In the same tweet, he invoked some environmental politics, asking what is going on with "global waming" is (he meant global warming, we're sure), calling on it to return because in the face of such dangerous temperatures, "we need you!"

Critics of the President's perspective on global warming would point out that the more accurate term, which has been used for a number of years, is "global climate change"; which climate scientists say more accurately depicts various worldwide changes to climate. The changes these scientists would suggest include an increase of weather extremes and weather that is abnormal to places accustomed to a particular climate. This could include drought in places used to rain, warm in places used to cold, rain in places used to drought, and even cold in places that don't normally see cold; all stirred around by a more active atmosphere that moves air masses around differently due to an average increase in atmospheric temperature around the globe.

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