A bicyclist was involved in an accident during busy lunchtime traffic on Central Entrance and Basswood Ave.

I came upon the scene within a minute of the accident happening, and I’m not sure if the biker was hit by a vehicle or went down on his own, my guess is that he was hit, because his bike and him were separated by maybe 8 – 10 feet.

Just after the accident happened an Eveleth ambulance happen to be passing by and stopped to help the injured bicyclist and within minutes the Duluth Fire Department was on the scene, followed by a local ambulance and the police.

If any more information is available about this accident I’ll update this story and lets all hope that the young man is OK.


According to a comment on our Facebook page, you can see it below, Patti commented, "I witnessed it, he was definitely hit but the car wasn't going too fast but he wasn't moving too much. Amazing that an ambulance was right there, literally in less than a minute! And he was not wearing a helmet... Also, the woman that hit him immediately pulled over and got out of her car. Several witnesses."

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