The City of Superior put a new 4 way stop on 12th Street and Hammond Avenue last year. It's a good way to control traffic from people that want to cross Hammond Avenue in North End Superior. It can be pretty tricky at times getting from downtown to the east without having to route to Winter St. or Belknap. However, drivers are still missing this stop sign quite frequently. This last summer a kid riding a bicycle crossing that intersection was struck by a motorist. He fortunately survived with relatively minor injuries.

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The city then painted the crosswalk a green color so it would stand out. They also put bright flags on the stop sign so motorists would see the stop sign. I can tell you from personal experience that cars miss that stop sign a lot. I've witnessed it at least a half a dozen times, and I don't drive that direction every day. Yesterday I was going to drop off my ballot at the courthouse when I approached this intersection from 12th Street. I knew to be watching traffic to stop. I came up to the stop sign, saw a truck approaching that appeared to maybe be slowing down so I inched out as it was my right of way. The guy didn't even slow down and didn't even see me. It was the closest I've ever been to being t-boned. I honked my horn so he would look up and the guy was completely oblivious that he just blew through a stop sign and a cross walk.

There were some pedestrians walking their dog nearby who gave me an understanding look. They pointed at the stop sign and shrugged their shoulders as they too know that people are blowing through that stop sign too often.

What needs to be done for people to see this? I think at least flashing lights are in order. The flags don't seem to be doing enough for this dangerous intersection in Superior.

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